The Defense and Security division of the Herstal Group has a portfolio of three product and service lines under the FN Herstal brand name:
  • Individual armament, which includes conventional firearms, less lethal systems, small caliber ammunition, sighting and combat aids, logistics and maintenance softwares, and marksmanship training systems;
  • Integrated weapon systems, for air, land and sea applications, which cover provision and full integration of pintle-mounted and coaxial weapon systems, machine gun pods, rocket launchers and remote weapon stations;
  • Military engineering, or technology transfer.

FN Herstal has a 125 year history of gun making and is a brand recognized globally as a mark of quality and reliability. Over the last few decades, it has adopted a multidisciplinary approach to its core business. Building on its expertise in developing and excelling in state-of-the-art, ground-breaking technological solutions around small caliber firearms and association ammunition, the Herstal Group’s Defense and Security division has consolidated its position as a full solution provider to defense and security organizations worldwide.

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